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Prius or Honda Hybrid battery repair

Did you know you can repair your Hybrid Battery Pack? It could save you Thousands!  If you have a Prius, Honda, or other type of hybrid in the Atlanta, Roswell, GA area, it’s possible to fix your battery pack instead of replacing it.

hybrids can be repaired

Look closely at this picture. Your battery pack is a lot of small batteries strung together. If one or two of those individual batteries go bad, your car will give you a “Check Engine” light. Or the diagnostic computer will read a battery problem. The thing is, you don’t have to replace all of them. We have a way to find out exactly which ones are bad and replace only those. It could save you thousands!

Dealers and customers come to us from all over the Southeast to have their batteries checked. Don’t spend thousands of dollars on a complete new battery pack before you check with us.

What a concept. Good thing we thought of it.


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